LivePVR 2.8.0

Record phone calls and make voice notes


  • Easy to use
  • Three audio capture modes
  • Automatically records calls
  • Desktop file transfer client


  • Just two file output formats to choose from
  • Ugly interface
  • Prone to crashes


With LivePVR you can record phone calls, take meeting notes and make voice notes on your Symbian phone.

LivePVR is able to record incoming and outgoing calls, saving them in either WAV or AMR format. Unlike some call recording software, there's no beep during the audio capture process, meaning that it is undetectable by the person on the other end of the line. Of course, you should always let someone know if you’re going to record a call, however.

The user interface in LivePVR is very easy to use, if a little ugly. There are three buttons on the main menu, for phone calls, meeting notes and the voice recorder. Click any of these and you’ll be able to start recording immediately.

In Phone Call mode you can set LivePVR to record all calls automatically, or grab the sound from individual calls. The Meeting Notes mode lets you choose between timed or manual captures. The Voice Recorder simply has buttons to start and stop recording.

LivePVR contains a rather primitive file browser, which allows you to browse and play recordings based on capture mode. The LivePVR download also includes a simple desktop client that can be used to transfer recordings to your computer.

It should be noted that during our tests, LivePVR was prone to the occasional crash and it also froze up a couple of times.

Despite its crude design and implementation, LivePVR does provide a quick and simple way to record calls and voice notes on your phone.



LivePVR 2.8.0

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